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Monday, February 05, 2007

Just Like the Old Days

Is it just me or I have I read something like this before?

Didn't all this stuff get said about Iraq before the invasion? I don't know if you can remember back then but there was a 'real and credible threat' coming from this rogue state (Iraq) that was going to kill us all in our sleep and drink our blood etc etc.

Then it all turned out to be utter rubbish.

According to America, Iran is a threat because:
  • They are actively seeking to produce weapons of mass destruction. Namely nuclear weapons
  • They are sending men, money and weapons over the border to Iraq to try and destabilise the peaceful and serine lives of the happy Iraqi consumers.
  • They said your mum is a fanny head.
Let's just give America the benefit of the doubt and agree that what they are saying is true. If this scenario exists it is because the US has backed Iran into a corner.

If you were being threatened by America after watching what they did to your next door neighbor, you can be damned sure that you would do what any of us would do and take measures to protect yourself.
The only reason Iran is developing these weapons - if they are at all - is to defend themselves from American aggression.

If you think that Iran would have developed these weapons regardless of what America was doing, answer me this: Why did they not start developing a nuclear capability until after Iraq?

Iran is not an 'evil' nation. It is a nation of human beings that can be talked to like any other.

On the matter of Iran fueling 'insurgent' violence in Iraq - They would not have had the opportunity to attack American soldiers - if they are - had America not been there in the first place.

The report ends with:

"Shadow defense secretary Liam Fox said: "We cannot give them the comfort of believing that there is any weakness in the western alliance or that there is a chance that they might be able to divide and rule."

Western alliance? What's that? Someone let me know who the members of this mystery alliance are. Is gist of this quote? ' if you don't agree with what we are saying, there is a chance Iran will attack us.

It's insane. Iran would not initiate open conflict with America and Europe. It would not last an hour. To make Iran out to be this unstoppable terrorist evil is lame.