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Friday, April 28, 2006

US Plot to hurt old man.

A man has claimed that the US supplied him with weapons that would be used in an attempt to overthrow the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

Robert Ferro was found to have 1,571 guns and some grenades:

"In an interview Thursday, Ferro, 61, contended that some of the high-powered weapons — including assault rifles, silencer-equipped handguns and Uzis — were supplied to him by the U.S. government. He said the weapons were supposed to be used in an attempt to oust Castro that would have coincided with U.S. Navy operations being conducted in the Caribbean Sea.

"Obviously, now it will not take place," Ferro said. "Those guns I had were very sophisticated weapons. It was for a fight. I was just trying to mimic what President Bush has done in Iraq, bring freedom to the country."
What a cool story. I don't think there is any truth in it at all...But cool.


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