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Friday, April 28, 2006

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I just heard on radio 2 that David Cameron rides his bike to work and has a car follow with his briefcase in it..

So much for green David Cameron....what a twat!

goodbye environmental voters.

US Plot to hurt old man.

A man has claimed that the US supplied him with weapons that would be used in an attempt to overthrow the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

Robert Ferro was found to have 1,571 guns and some grenades:

"In an interview Thursday, Ferro, 61, contended that some of the high-powered weapons — including assault rifles, silencer-equipped handguns and Uzis — were supplied to him by the U.S. government. He said the weapons were supposed to be used in an attempt to oust Castro that would have coincided with U.S. Navy operations being conducted in the Caribbean Sea.

"Obviously, now it will not take place," Ferro said. "Those guns I had were very sophisticated weapons. It was for a fight. I was just trying to mimic what President Bush has done in Iraq, bring freedom to the country."
What a cool story. I don't think there is any truth in it at all...But cool.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Zarqawi Shows His Face

Abu Musab-al Zaqawi has appeared in a rare video to the world.

It seems to me that all these terrorist videos are alike. How come all terrorist films look the same?

They always have a sheet or something as a back drop and there is always a gun or weapon resting in the background....Do they think they are fooling us into thinking that is an everyday situation? That it's like that all the time. Do they rest guns like that in their sitting room whilst they watch TV and eat dinner? Do they drape plain sheets off the walls of their houses?

Secondly, Can you please tell me how someone who is dressed like this is not getting stopped by security forces? Its rediculous!

If you saw a bearded man walking through a market dressed all in black, wearing a beanie hat and carrying a snub-nosed assault rifle, with a huge ammo pouch strapped to your chest, what would you think?

If I had to draw a picture of a terrorist that is what it would look like!

The passion of the christ 2

Monday, April 24, 2006

Fuel Study rains on NK parade.

A recent study into the capabilities of North Korea in the event of an all out war have shown that they are rubbish.

In the event of all out war, North Korea could fuel its army for 30 days before completely running out of energy. It would then take them 4 months to resupply its army before it could carry on...For another 30 days.

"The fuel use figure is based on a wartime scenario in which 50 percent of ground force equipment would be inoperable by the end of 30 days, aircraft cease operations in 24 hours, and 90 percent of naval forces cease operation in five days.

The study predicted it would take four more months to restock military fuel given North Korea’s current supply rate, either by bringing in fuel stored in rear areas or from refining new fuel and then moving it into combat zones."

It seems that the information is going to be used to help "denuclearize" the country. In exchange for disarming its nukes, Korea gets rich tasty fuel.

What I would like to know is: Who commissioned that study and why?

After all, who cares about the performance of North Korea's army? It's not as though we're going to have to fight them soon or anything...are we?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Are blogs a threat to the mainstream media?

YES. I'll tell you why.

A long time ago, in Germany, this very sexy man called Karl Kraus wrote about the media.
Kraus is basically a much older, more conservative and more German version of people such as Noam Chomsky and John Pilger.

kraus believed that the news agenda setters replaced "the pure water of information, with the seductive perfume of the cliche".

Once the cliche is accepted by its readers, a gap appears that affects an event and its understanding by the public. Once this has happened a lie or propaganda can fill the gap and thus distort the public understanding of the news. This can be done to bend the will of the public to support whatever those in power like.

Kraus saw this first hand. Being around in Germany in the early nineteenth century, he predicted the Nazi party as a serious problem before anyone else. In 1927! And this was just based on their use of the media and propaganda to make people support their views.

So, in the present day, its quite clear to see that our media is just as dangerous. Vast empires are owned by few individuals. These few individuals have a lot of power. Until very recently, there was no alternative to this news. Whatever the papers or networks fed us, we had to digest.

Then the blog came along.

What the blog means for the average person is that they don't have to go to a certain place to get 'news' anymore. They can get it either straight from the source, or from someone they know/like. The Huffington post is a prime example of this.

It is now one of the prime sources of news in the US. Not tethered by any agendas, the bloggers can post about whatever they like and, potentially, give important issues a lot of attention that wouldn't normally see the light of day. This is giving lowly bloggers the power to make serious changes to the political landscapes of their countries.

China is a good example of this. Being a fairly closed country by western standards, their press is state run and foreign journalists are followed by 'minders' or 'translators'. This means that if there is a problem, we weren't hearing about it. The blog changed that. Effectively popping holes in the system. It is allowing people to see what is really going on for the first time and a new type of international pressure is being felt that wasn't there before.

The crackdown on Chinese bloggers helps this idea. If the government didn't think they were a threat, why are they shutting them down?

Blogs are a threat to the mainstream media. Some suggest that blogs will eventually replace them. Personally, I think ability to publish as freely as we do now will be taken away if such things come to pass.

In the future, we will all come in from work and turn on the TV news. There will be Mr.Swank, the current toupe endorsing favourite of old ladies everywhere. He will jabber on as he always has.

We will watch him as we eat dinner. Afterwards, we'll go onto the computer and try to pick up where we left Mr.Swank. In a few clicks, we are at the McBlog. Nothing will have changed.
Then our wives will come in and tell us that we have to walk the robo dog because its been hyper all day and all we ever do is sit on the damn computer...

"We just Don't like Muslims"

So Mr. Bin Laden has made another appearance. Vocally anyway.

He says that governments withdrawing their support for the Palestinian government, HAMAS, proves that the west is fighting a crusade against Islam. Is that so?

This little rap tape of Bin Laden's, as well saying that we're all 'funky ass bitches who gonna get caps in our asses', has highlighted the fact that we are pushing potentially volatile groups together.

The fact that the west has withdrawn such large amounts of aid for the Palestinian people means that they will be forced to lean heavier on the shoulders of remaining allies...Such as Iran.
It goes without saying that this would be very bad news for peace in the middle east.

There is no reason for Iran not to support militant groups such as HAMAS and Al Qaeda in the face of current events. A strike to disarm Iran may lead to the creation of a very dangerous coalition.


Friday, April 21, 2006

When Racists Came to Town

In England, the local elections are taking place soon and candidates are beginning to come forward and campaign for our votes.

I was shocked to discover after reading my local paper that the BNP, Britain's far right party, has a candidate in my area.

I am faced with a dilemma. Do I, a young spunky revolutionary, begin a local anti-BNP campaign to try and disrupt their potential votes. Or, do I let them carry on as they are taking part in a democratic process?

On the one hand, I have a right to express my views. But on the other hand, do I have the right to change people's opinions just because I don't like them?

I think I'm going to put this to the floor.

Should I campaign against the BNP?
Don't know
Free polls from

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Angry woman shouts.

China's Prime Minister, Hu Jintao has made his first trip to the US. The aim of his little trip is to strengthen ties with America so they can do more business...And stuff.

During a press call, President Bush said:

"I appreciate China's role as host of the six-party talks, which will be successful only if North Korea makes the right strategic decision: to abandon all its nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs as pledged to the other five parties."

In other words: We are trying to stop people we don't want from having the means to defend themselves from us.

Mr. Hu added to that:

"We are ready to continue to work with the U.S. side and other parties concerned to peacefully resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, and the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic negotiation to uphold the international non-proliferation regime and safeguard global peace and stability."

In other words: We will play along if you let us have Taiwan.

"Our trade relationship can become even stronger, as China adopts policies that allow U.S. companies to compete in China with the same freedom that Chinese companies are able to compete here in the United States" said Mr. Bush
If this is the case I don't think it will be long before China becomes truly democratic (capitalist) and peaceful (starting strategic wars). Just like America.

The friendly meeting was marred by an angry woman who jeered Mr. Hu for organ harvesting and torture.... Not the best ways of making friends I must admit.

Instead, why doesn't the Prime Minister hold dinner parties? He could invite everyone along and make them nice food and talk over wine.

After a game of Pictionary, you could strike up whatever's bothering you, say Taiwan, and charm their sovereignty from them. Then afterwards, if it goes well, invite round again. If you find things are really working out, why not take a short holiday with them. I suggest camping in the Lake District.

Soon, things will be so smashing that you can just ask for things and people will give them to you like cups of sugar.

Harvesting organs will only lead to people being annoyed and angry. They need those organs Mr. Hu.

Ukraine Threatened by boar army.

A trusted source of information on Eastern Europe has informed me of an impending crisis in the Ukraine.

This morning I received, from the mentioned source, a BBC report. This report discusses the strange behavior of animals around the site of the former Chernobyl nuclear power station.

In particular, the boar population has grown eight fold. This can only mean one thing. They are gathering for an attack!

The levels of radiation in and around the site mean that humans are not able to enter the area. This would logistically be a sound place to launch an attack as no human can set foot inside the infected area.

I think it is safe to assume that there is some kind of boar king instructing his followers on the premise that a boar deity is guiding him towards the realization of absolute rule for the boar race.

A number of residents, thought to be sympathetic to the boar administration, are accused of smuggling boars into the country by hiding them in their jumpers and coats.

If you see a boar in your area, be advised to telephone the police. They are likely to be spies helping the boar king plan the invasion of further countries.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dave the Chameleon....And friends

In its first local election, The Labour Party called David Cameron a chameleon. Here he is on the left riding a bike. Notice how he recognises the highway code by wearing a crash helmet.

The ad campaign focused its attention on the fact that Dave will change to any colour he wants to suit his goals. Ok that's fine. Interesting political statement. However....

Look at the bloody thing!! Its riding a bike and wearing a hat! This has got to be the most advanced chameleon in the world! There they go and talk about his colour changing, something all chameleons can do, but they completely miss Dave's staggering ability to use transportation and assess risk!

Where did he get a chameleon sized bike?......What's the real message here?

Is David Cameron secretly a highly advanced lizard man? Because it's not clear.

what's more, I think I would vote for such a creature. It's got the novelty factor (being a blue chameleon) and seems concerned about the environment.

As a result of this I think its important for Tony Blair to get an animal representation. I have a suggestion:

Tony the Ostrich: Cos when things get bad, he buries his head in the sand...

I know it's not great but I didn't have much time.

My other idea was 'Tony the nipple': "Because he's a tit"

Mmmm Placenta

Tom Cruise has said that he wants to eat the placenta and umbilical cord of his baby when it is born. What the hell is wrong with him? Does he have an undiagnosed concussion or something?

I cannot imagine what being present at the birth of his son would be like. But I'll try to set the scene:

Tom: "Ok now don't make any noise. Not because I hate screaming, but because I respect women. It's all about respect...And keeping quiet, Ok hon?"

Katie: "Uh...Ok I'll really try hard but it hurts a lot. I'm scared Tom."

Tom: "SSSHH!"

Doctor: "Ok, here we go. Push miss Holmes! I can see its head"

Tom licks his lips

Doctor: Very good, it's nearly here......PUSH....And there! Congratulations miss Holmes!

The doctor hands Katie Holmes their new child.

Katie: Can I talk now Tom?

Tom: "Sure hon, you did great. Sorry can I just take this off you now?"

Tom carries the contents of the birthing table to a desk and puts the mess onto a plate. He picks up a knife and fork and sits down......

Remember folks. It's all about respect.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

More Blog Reviews

I would like to flag up a few more interesting blogs if I might.

The first one is called Back To Iraq and is something of an experiment in journalism.
The concept is this: A former AP and NY Daily News journalist, Christopher Allbritton takes donations from the public on his blog. When he gets enough money, he goes over to Iraq and reports news as a freelance journalist.

The beauty of this is that because he isn't working to a news agenda or deadline, he can report more hands on stories than TV networks or newspapers. This has its good sides and bad sides. The bad side of this is that he won't have as good resources when he goes over there. If something happens on the other side of the country, a network could tell their reporter who could put it into context with whatever is unfolding on their end.

Christopher won't hear of the events as soon as a network reporter and so may not understand the full context of an event he may be reporting.

The good side is that Christopher is able to get right into the heart of issues and investigate alleys that networks are either not covering because they are focusing on a bigger picture or because they don't predict any public interest in the story.

Its well worth a look. Especially check out some of the photographs. They just show everyday life in Iraq and do much to dispel the myths surrounding the worn torn country.

The next blog I would like to talk about is called H5N1.

This is a really scary blog. How can someone have spent so much time collecting information from around the world of H5N1 and stayed sane? Well, perhaps they didn't.

By all accounts the website is quite sensational. It talks about the H5N1 strain of bird flu like its definitely going to happen. This is up for debate. I will grant the author that it is likely that a pandemic will kill lots of people on the planet etc etc. But there is also a chance that it won't mutate or a vaccine will be developed or something.

To suggest its certain in the same way that Christmas is certain is irresponsible and misleading. Most of all, it is speculation. I advise looking at it like an artifact in the boring part of a museum. Have a look but don't waste any time on it. There are much more interesting things to look at.

The last site, Collision Detection is a bit like a hard book you half understand. It's written by a science man called Clive Thompson. Its primary focus is 'science culture'. That's pretty much the only way to describe it. Science with culture mixed in.

Some of the things Clive Thompson talks about are really interesting and sometimes wacky. The only problem is that its like reading the blog of a vastly evolved human.
It might just be me but I struggle to follow what he is saying sometimes because he is cramming as many complicated words into a sentence as possible. For example:

I think the single-coolest form is the nonrhyming petrarchan sonnet executed in a loose iambic pentameter: A perfect amalgam of structure and freedom.
................................................................What the bloody hell?

See my point? Its pretty interesting stuff but It makes me feel like an idiot when I try to get into it.

Where Are The Raccoons?

You know this peers for money thingy?

I was thinking. How can we either solve this problem or keep it in check. Granted the media have done a good job of blowing open the whole thing but sometimes the media cannot report on things for legal reasons. How can we overcome this problem? Then the idea hit me. Get the Raccoons!

Remember those guys? they kept cyril Sneer in check in the Evergreen forest, why not have them sort out this mess too? They can watch the rich and powerful and print their findings on their own special printing press (remember the one they had).

We wouldn't have to pay them much because they live in a tree.

Where is Raed?

War correspondents. Those people we see on TV news when we eat our dinner. They usually wear kevlar and look strained. Like the food is not good. A good example is John Simpson.

These days all they do in Iraq is stand and talk about whatever is going on from a roof or something. The only reason we have to believe there is any danger is the bullet proof vest that they wear. I could stand on a roof in the Costa Del Sol wearing kevlar and pretend I was in Iraq. You would get the same effect.
That might make for an interesting experiment. Film a bogus news story in a toilet or something and then ask people who watch it afterwards how much danger they think I'm in.

I guess the reason why we don't see much else is because it is so dangerous in Iraq now, most reporters won't leave the green zone. When they do they have to be protected by either American or British troops. That doesn't really do much for the objectivity of the news report.

Alternatives to the mainstream news report have surfaced. One of these alternatives has come in the form of citizen reporting through blogs. A notable example of such a blog is Where is Raed?

Started by Salam Pax as a way to find his friend Raed who went missing at the start of the Iraq war, Where is Raed? quickly became a diary of Salam's experiences of living through the Anglo/British occupation. Think the diary of Anne Frank, minus the Nazis, plus the middle east.
N.B. Angry liberals should not minus the Nazis.

Compared to standard war correspondents, Salam does not focus on the 'big issues' but instead writes about how the unfolding events are affecting him and his way of life.
For example. In one particularly good post, Salam writes about the general public's anticipation of the invasion.
It's all written in a very informal way. Its very unlike print or broadcast news in this respect. He jokes about things he finds funny and also gives his opinions of what's going on.
A good example of this is his opinions of Al Sadir's militia men. He basically just calls them all thugs. This is probably true but a BBC reporter couldn't put that in a tea time story.

I think for this reason a lot if it is not 'proper journalism'. It lacks the objectivity that news needs in order to be fair. However, I think if Salam Pax was to write in a more neutral way, he would lose a lot of the impact that his posts have had on the world.

Nobody says that Anne Frank was a journalist but her writing was a very important insight into the daily life of an occupied civilian. It is worth more as a historical document than a piece of journalism. I think the same thing can be said for salam Pax.

A Good Blog

A friend of mine, Adam, has this really great blog. It's a sort of news/culture blog about the former eastern block. I'm going to let it speak for itself. Its got good stuff on elections (or lack of) and also some funny things involving boars.

You like boars right?

Barking: A Town of Jobless Racists?

According to Margaret Hodge, the employment minister, 8 out of 10 of her constituants have considered voting for the BNP. Why? Because Labour are not listening to people's concerns.

My initial reaction is one of frowning. I then proceeded to make a high pitched humming noise. This lasted several minutes. After this I began thinking about it.

So because Labour are not 'listening' to the general public, Barking is thinking of becoming an extreme right wing fascist Nazi town? Why come out and say this all of a sudden?

What I think it boils down to is this: The local elections are coming up soon and Margaret Hodge is worried that she won't get re-elected because the BNP are getting support from a significant number of people in her constituency. So, in order to try and raise her standing in the local area, she is playing the same card as the BNP. That is: the card of immigration and asylum.
If she says she is worried about nasty immigrants coming to Barking and the fact that politicians aren't dealing with it, perhaps she thinks those that support the BNP will come back to her rather than support a party with a terrible reputation (sic).

Why do I think this is what's going on you ask? Well because asylum is at an all time low. We take pride in denying help to individuals who are being persecuted by their own governments. Its great fun. Laugh as we send people back to Zimbabwae!

So asylum is down all thanks to Margaret Hodge's government. Why not big that up? Seems strange that there is competition after that information.

The next issue is Immigration. It looks like loads of people think the UK is great place to come.
Wow, that must be it then. Lots of people are coming into the country and taking people's jobs.

Those Bastards! That's it, I'm voting BNP...

Hang on. What's that? The birth rate is at an all time low and if we don't get immigrants to come to the country and work our economy will collapse? Maybe we should just let a few in. Only white ones mind you.

To sum up: The people of Barking blame immigrants for all their problems because the local council is giving immigrants council housing and not giving these houses to Barking natives. This is something the BNP is exploiting by saying they will stop immigration if they are voted into power.
I'm assuming the native people need this housing because they don't have jobs...

...But isn't Margaret Hodge the minister for employment?

It seems the problem is a lot more complicated than just blaming the whole thing on immigrants.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pride of Britain?

My brother in law came for dinner this evening. He is in the army and has just finished serving in Iraq.

Tomorrow he will raise the queen's flag for her at a service being held at Guildford Cathedral.
He was talking to me about his experiences in Iraq and he said something that deeply moved me. He told me of how he would leave a letter on his bed for my sister, his wife, before he went on patrol every day incase he was killed.

He also spoke of how he and his friends would put phosphorus grenades in their pockets so that, if they got captured, they could blow themselves up rather than having their heads cut off.

These were everyday, mundane activities they did in the same way we pick up a metro on the tube or post a letter on the way to work.

The conversation highlighted how staggeringly brave these men are. These are the same men we brand 'squaddies' and 'lowlives' who 'mess up our towns' and 'cause crime'.

They ask nothing of you and yet are prepared to lay down their lives in return for nothing other than our safety.

Regardless of whether they fight unjust wars or whether a few bad apples commit crimes, they deserve to be given more than just work as truck drivers or bouncers. They deserve the respect they have earned.

Meet My Pixie

Meet my weather pixie. I chose him because the top of his head is missing and you can see his brain.

His weather predictions are not good either.

Sight this site and see it

This is an interesting news site I found on the internet. I like it.

Its basically a website that posts links to news from other websites. But the range of links is very far reaching and impressive. It also does a few things differently from regular news sites.
First of all, it is a global news site. I really like global news because, as Bush might say, we are a global planet. As such, I think we lose a little perspective when we only stick to local issues. Its nice to see what's going on in other countries.

Another reason that I like it is its use of pictures. Most websites have small images to compensate for older computers. This website has lots of nice big, high res photos. So, if your computer is old, maybe go somewhere else. Maybe buy a new computer. If you can't afford one it means you're poor and you don't matter anyway. STOP BEING SO POOR!

I particularly like the terror wire!! Does the BBC have a terror wire? I think not.
The links are excellent. Not only do you get international news relating to terrorism but there is a nav bar at the top that goes into other areas of terrorism. An example of this would be the Amnesty link that takes you to an area of the Amensty International website.

Actually, there are links all over the place. All down both sides of the page and are very detailed. You can jump straight to specific sections of the world. Which is cool. Except that there is no link to their home page from the TERROR WIRE!!! that I could see. Which is rubbish.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Love the bomb

Courtesy of BBC news online

This image was taken from the BBC's website this evening. It accompanied an article that described Iran's announcement that it was a nuclear technology.

I think this image is very misleading. It could be implying that there are several steps to take in order to get nuclear bombs and that Iran is taking them with that goal in mind. This is apparently not in dispute. The world seems united in th opinion that Iran wants the bomb.
Therefore, what seems objectionable is the fact that the information is being presented to suggest that Iran may already have nuclear bombs or will have in the near future. This is just not the case.

The article neglects to mention that fact that it will take years for Iran to develop a nuclear bomb (5-10 years by most estimates) untill the seventeenth and eighteenth paragraph. There are only twenty two paragraphs in the whole story....Yes I counted.

A friend of mine took a look at the diagram and agreed that it was biased. He wasnt sure whether that diagram was accurate. Is the result of nuclear enrichment a large red coloured bomb? I thought it was fuel or something.

I'll let you make up your own minds whether this is questionable or not.

Good news everyone

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, The big man in Iran has promised "good news" concerning the country's nuclear activities in the next few days.

It is expected to be related to the recent news that Iran can now enrich Uranium at 3.5% and the creation of a labratory platform that will list Iran as a member of the nuclear fuel countries.

America is constantly saying that the Iranians are trying to develop nuclear wespons and they are coming close to achieving this.

Some low level research will reaveal that uranium must be enriched to at least 20% in order to be used in bombs. The same source also shows that the 3.5% level of uranium enrichment is the most prevalent kind of nuclear power possible. Not only that but there is no direct threat of a bomb being made from any of the uranium used.

So if it is not possible for the Iranians to make a nuclear bomb then the US and other countries must be worried about the creation of weapons such as dirty bombs.

This would be a most stupid move for the Iranians if all they wanted to do is make weapons. Think about it, if you could develop biological weapon in secret without the need to build huge nuclear reactors, you would do it. You would also build bio labs because germ warfare can potentially kill more people than any kind of dirty bomb.

A dirty bomb cannot be fired in a missle so it must be smuggled to a location. This does not represent an imminent threat in the same way that a nuclear strike would. It would severley restrict where it could be placed. Lets look at the options:

A) Iraq. Bombing their neighbors could spark militant revenge groups capable of operating inside Iran. The Americans would support these groups with money and weapons. I would not opt for this option.

B) Attack the west. Very hard to do now post 9/11 London and Madrid bombs. I don't think a dirty bomb could get into the US.

The US is playing with its words. When they say Iran is capable of building nuclear wepons, they dont mean missles that would kill millions of people, they mean they could build small nuclear devices if they wanted to. And that's only if they want to.

Iraq under Saddam Hussein is reported to have tested a radiological weapon in 1987 for use against Iran. This weapon was found to be impractical because the radioactive isotopes in the weapon would decay quickly, rendering it useless within a week after the weapon was manufactured. Furthermore, it was found that for the radioactive material to spread, weather conditions had to be ideal. These problems are in general shared by all forms of air-borne radiological warfare.

If they really wanted to kill us im sure they would be using other, easier methods.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wild Speculation

Remember the Iraq war? I remember, a good few years ago, how the leaders of Britian and the United States said an evil tyrant called Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was prepared to use them against western targets. Mr. Hussein said there were no such weapons.

Military advisors decided never to trust a man with a moustache and invaded anyway. Turns out that tyrant was telling the truth.

Fast forward to this evening's news. Picture a couch, a television, a spunky blogger and a giant pretzel. I am that spunky blogger and I was eating one of the things I mentioned in the last sentence. Try to guess what.

According to the news, Seymour Hersh has information that the US is already operating in Iran and is involved in heavy planning for a military strike. There is even 'wild speculation' that America has a nuclear strike on the cards.

So there is a new tyrant in the proverbial town. He is the leader of Iran, President Ahmadinejad.
This man is apparently seeking to build weapons of mass destruction and is prepared to use them against western targets. To make matters worse, he has a quiff.

This all sounds very familiar. we can't seriously be going to war again for the exact same reasons as before can we?

I wonder if president Bush can pronounce Ahmadinejad...

Friday, April 07, 2006

An experiment with a poll

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
3 logs
6 logs
9 logs
A single celled organism
Free polls from

Adult Zombie Discussion

For those of you who have read my profile (nobody), you will know that I 'dig' zombies.
This person also 'digs' them. I hope you will read his words and feel the same as we do.

ZOMG Bird Flu WTF!!!1

It's here! The downfall of civilization has begun!

Bird flu has been found in Fife, a small farming town in Scotland. A dead swan has been found in the region and confirmed to have contracted the disease. The swan, who's name will be released to the public once the families of the bird have been informed, is said to be non-migratory. This means that it caught the infection from another bird. That bird has been asked to come forward for treatment.

Since the explosive news was broken, a number of other birds have undergone tests for the deadly infection. Due to vet/animal confidentiality, the birds undergoing tests will remain anonymous.

As a further precaution, a 2,500sq km area has been cornered off as a quarantine zone. The zone will also play host to cheese conventions and balloon modeling workshops.

The infected birds are thought to have contracted the disease from dirty foreign birds. It is unclear what the nature of the infected birds relationship with the foreign birds is. Speculation suggests it was sexual.

Farmers across the country are urging birds to use a combination of protection and common sense in order to stay safe and suggest only going home with other birds they know.