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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Hate Trinny and Susannah!

Trinny and Susannah don't dress the people on their shows!!!!

The presenters of the popular TV show, What Not to Wear have their own stylist! Her name is Zoe Lem and according to various newspaper reports, she has been working with them for more than five years.

"On TV shows I do everything, absolutely everything," Lem admitted to The Daily Mail.

A quick visit to Lem's website will confront you with Lem's impressive port folio. Notice how she says she has done work for the BBC and not Trinny and Susannah specifically. Smells fishy to me. Sort of like they wanted to keep it quiet. Misleading could be another way to describe it.

Just wanted to bring that to people's attention.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Guantanamo Spa: Luxury island retreat

I can't understand what all the fuss is about when people complain that Guantanamo bay is bad.
The truth is, it's perfectly harmless to guests and provides the decent, civilised folk of the world like us with security.

First of all, Guantanamo bay does not violate any international law. It is perfectly legal and was built on Cuba because, after lengthy discussion, it was seen as the place most people would like to go on holiday. There is no other reason. Anything else is just conspiracy. An evil conspiracy planned by red communist madmen determined to bring down our cities in balls of fire.

"Prisoners" are treated with dignity and respect when spending time in the Guantanamo Spa. Every individual is treated differently but all races or religions are treated with the same amount of respect and friendship. If somebody tries to tell you something else it means they are a communist. Do not try and deal with them yourself, Communists are usually drunk and are, therefore, unpredictable. Think like the great man McCarthy and phone your local police station.

Many people (probably lefties) have spoken out over the face that the "inmates" are "forced" to wear these bright orange jumpsuits. This is, of course, more rubbish from the menace. You see, these people are usually from very poor areas and so are not often able to afford to spent time or money looking good. The Guantanamo Spa understands this and so has kindly provided each member with their very own ghetto fashion jumpsuits and matching accessories. Allow me to exhibit some examples of cool people who also wear them.

Exhibit A. The Beastie boys.
Hip Hop gods and bastions of retro, The Beastie Boys are champions of the jumpsuit. They wear theirs with pride. Im sure the Guantanamo Spa residents do too.

Exhibit B: Slipknot.
From hip hop to metal, the jump suits is making serious fashion in-roads. This shows that not some, but ALL cool people wear these attractive and confortable garments.

So you see, it's not such a bad place after all. I'm glad we were able to set the record straight.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Batman: The new Captain America

Batman. The dark knight. A troubled billionaire trying to deal with the scars of his past by dressing as a nocturnal mammal.
Over the years he has kept us safe from the schemes and skullduggery of ultra villans such as The Joker and Danny De Vito. But now a far more sinister foe waits in the shadows to hurt us, and possibly make us cry. This new threat is Al Qaeda.

According to The Guardian, the man responsible for the "Sin City" series, Frank Miller, is behind what one could only say is the politicising of Batman.

This is totally unecessary. On the face of it, the issue is quite trivial but when you think about it, millions of American children are going to be exposed to this dangerous, self-confessed propoganda.
It will indoctrinate children to naturally be suspicious of people that look of Arab origin and, as a result, create stronger racial tensions amongst communities.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with making the heros of impressionable children fight political battles but there is a time and a place for such things, but that was 60 years ago.

When America fought the Nazi menace, it was ok for captain America to kick their arses. Hell, it was more than ok for Indiana Jones to do it 40 years later with his father.
It was ok because all Nazis are bad. There are no exceptions. A nice Nazi is not a Nazi. It's probably Prince Harry. It is ok because it's more than easy to spot a nazi in a crowd of people. It is less easy to spot a potential member of Al Qaeda.

After all, they all look like Arabs. Don't they?